Emotions likened to kryptonite- a distress call 

One minute your brain is functioning at a 100% capacity and when a dull moment ensues, it all comes rushing. Rushing like a flood and which better place than when I’m most unaware- In my freakn sleep! You dare attack me in my sleep. In my most vulnerable space, where I crave peace. I craveContinue reading ” Emotions likened to kryptonite- a distress call “


Why do we deny people acts of kindness without getting to know them PERSONALLY? If we knew what others thought about us, based on our ACTIONS which THEY interpreted to be wrong, and if we considered them to be ‘TRUTH’, we probably wouldn’t like ourselves! In essence; before we slander, before we insult or wishContinue reading “A PLEA: ON THE ISSUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS AND MENTAL HEALTH”

He was customized for the Annan’s’!

Clearly, the world’s confusion about standards makes me pause with the statement ‘I have the best…’. I’d like to think that for the person I’ve become and I’m continuing to grow into, God gave me exactly what I needed and still need!  Daddy! His intellect is my favorite quality of his. I haven’t met aContinue reading “He was customized for the Annan’s’!”

Dear June; an open letter ‘of a sort’

23:44 hrs Dear June, This may be reaching you a little later than expected but it surely is better late than never. I remember peeping through January’s wintery window and wondering when I might find your respite. February always lagged sluggishly like a millipede, moving tortuously along its on path, yet glued closely to March’sContinue reading “Dear June; an open letter ‘of a sort’”

The Venusian INTJ

Dr John Gray, in his book ‘Men are from Mars, women are from Venus’, must have totally missed a sub-cohort of the Venusian species or just maybe, not all women are from Venus. There is also the possibility that the INTJs might have been exiled from Venus- that would certainly be plausible. I’ve been tryingContinue reading “The Venusian INTJ”

Low expectations and a low excitement threshold; a seemingly direct and proportional relationship.

I take full responsibility for my actions I take full responsibility for the consequences thereof Yet, each day, I’m reminded of the numerous theories of things that may predict the brightness of my day. I’m reminded that like a door needs a custom key, so do I need to be chiseled and refined for theContinue reading “Low expectations and a low excitement threshold; a seemingly direct and proportional relationship.”

Two steps back, one step forward; a propelling paradox?

I would rather bathe in the sun Where my cheeks need no cheer to inflate I would rather not feel the pain of a thorn For is pain not just a reminder of an internal mishap? But life is full of contrasts. How does one perceive a shadow if it is not outlined by aContinue reading “Two steps back, one step forward; a propelling paradox?”