He was customized for the Annan’s’!

Clearly, the world’s confusion about standards makes me pause with the statement ‘I have the best…’.

I’d like to think that for the person I’ve become and I’m continuing to grow into, God gave me exactly what I needed and still need! 

Daddy! His intellect is my favorite quality of his. I haven’t met a better planner and if there’s one person whose advise l’d take without involving my cerebrum (which is saying a lot), it’s the one man whose intentions about me has been clearest from the beginning and has demonstrated time and time again the path to achieving goals!

Daddy’s words from long ago still resonate; as I sat by his feet, (like I’d fondly do as a child- literally looking up to him ) for a daily dose of his nuggets of wisdom, he told me something I will never forget! He told me he wanted me to grow up to be an ‘all-rounded’ woman! Now I look at my life and I reflect on those words,  realizing how powerful the words of a parent can be. 

Daddy! Moving across the globe even makes me appreciate you more! From budgeting, to planning, doing a failure mode effectiveness analysis (aka incorporating plan B’s), to learning to live peaceably among men, to loving God and pursing dreams! This is not to say haven’t been glitches or there weren’t times where the lessons seemed hackneyed but o boy, thank you Daddy for drilling the values and principles in me! Like the Bible says; ‘train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’. (Proverbs 22:6). While a plant might branch in its growth phase, it’s that stake to the ground that may correct its path! Recognizing the deviation, staking and watering has been endless with you as the breadwinner!

Daddy! Thank you for doing beyond what this world perceives as a standard! For loving me unconditionally, I’ve learned to love unconditionally! For forgiving and even recognizing when to make peace, I’ve learned and witnessed the beauty of forgiveness! For always noticing when I need rescuing and coming to me rescue! For giving your all for the Annan’s family, the name which I wear as a badge, this is for you!

You bring out the meaning of love more than you even say it (I probably take after you in that regard) ;

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “He was customized for the Annan’s’!

  1. To God be the glory. Great thanks Esther for your very kind words…you, mum and your siblings are super blessings to me.
    God bless us all. Amen

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