Hi, I’m Esther Kukua Anthonyin Annan. You may call me Esther, Kukua, Kukulett, Kukuletta depending on the occasion.

Check out my bio by clicking on the about link below. You may also follow any of my social media accounts! Looking forward to interacting with you!


Why do we deny people acts of kindness without getting to know them PERSONALLY? If we knew what others thought about us, based on our ACTIONS which THEY interpreted to be wrong, and if we considered them to be ‘TRUTH’, we probably wouldn’t like ourselves! In essence; before we slander, before we insult or wishContinue reading “A PLEA: ON THE ISSUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS AND MENTAL HEALTH”

How your expectations of others define you; a knee jerk reaction

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word definition implies ‘what is meant by a word, context, action, etc…’. A definition is also intended to communicate something that may not be directly expressed! Hence, how you define yourself may be explicit or insinuated through your actions. How you define yourself, however, is unlikely to be seenContinue reading “How your expectations of others define you; a knee jerk reaction”

Sleep Eludes

It is 02:06 hrs and it’s rather … LOUD. To my left, the electric heater screams loudly and the stillness around me nags my brain. To silence the disparate faculty in my cranium would be an achievement I’m yet to attain this year! However, tonight, there seems a need to finally convene a meeting. SoContinue reading “Sleep Eludes”


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