Why do we deny people acts of kindness without getting to know them PERSONALLY? If we knew what others thought about us, based on our ACTIONS which THEY interpreted to be wrong, and if we considered them to be ‘TRUTH’, we probably wouldn’t like ourselves!

In essence; before we slander, before we insult or wish anyone evil (because apparently, that is a trend), let’s perform a short mental exercise and ask ourselves; ‘does he/she deserve it?’ We’d be amazed that we can hardly ever have enough DETAILS to say yes!¬†

Let’s check our emotions… Someone’s emotional/mental health depends on it. No! People are not being hanged and beheaded these days (at least not that I’m aware of). They use the power of WORDs, translated through their fingers, with the press of a button. In my opinion, I’d say that’s even worse. At least a ‘quicker’ death does not linger on. Let’s be aware of this. We all have a role in to play.

Do your thoughts control your emotions or do your emotions control your thoughts?

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