Still on the topic of social media: Keeping it real

Are we losing our humanity- Social media post interpretation caution:

A timeline that always elicits excitement does not mean the account holder is PRETENDING ! I see people make blanket statements about how people who appear to be happy are not really happy!! I think that’s just nonsensical. You just can’t know anyone’s intent just through scrolling. However, it also doesn’t mean that the rest of the hours in their days looks anything like their short videos/ images posted! In sum wouldn’t it be helpful to get to KNOW people OFF social media and supplement with social media and not vice versa! If this is tasking, I’d like to think that living in the real world rather than vicariously living through others seems rather rewarding! We all have one life and our currency (TIME) runs out each microsecond! Decide wisely. Wondering how? Try to go off social media for a single day! If you can’t, then ALAS, you’ve found your addiction! If you never thought of social media as a ‘substance’ that may be abused, I’d urge you to consider it!

Don’t take it too personally:

When people are hitting the like button on your post, and sending you accolades about how much they love you, what you need to realize is that although they aren’t being disingenuous (at least I’d like to think so), their like and love really has nothing to do with you as a person! It has everything to do with what you’re presenting! Which is to say, as consumers of the product you are presenting, they are bound to explore other options with time and choose what they consider best at any time point (t). Of course, the caveat is – that one (or two or 10 depending on who you I guess) person who knows you in real life, loves you for you and just seems happy to see you whenever you post something. But let’s keep it simple. Analyzing people in your real life who overflow into your social media can be complex and honestly, maybe you shouldn’t at all! But basically, if you were found through your ‘art’, and people are PAYING time (the social media currency) for your ‘art’, then I’d like to think that they may be justified for switching loyalties! This is to say; try not to associate likes, comments etc with your being/who you are! You are not THE product! What you ‘sell’ is!


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