Intercepting an INTJ’s neuronal pathway- An Anecdotal Poem

Hash they said… and the louder my synapses chimed with exciting rigor.

To seal the lips of my mouth, is to magnify to voices within.

Kukua anthonyin

Where are your emotions, they asked….

I answered, why do you choose to bypass your cortical activity?

kukua anthonyin

He said, I have come to reveal to you my innermost being, void of deception, regardless of the taste of truth.

I said, THEN, what you shall have, is an undying loyalty, dedicated to easing the sting of a hive and amplifying the sweetness, as may overflow from a honey bee!

kukua anthonyin

She asked, what is YOUR goal?

I answered, my idea of self-actualization is yet to be conceptualized. Each day, I re-define what self-actualization means and then, I realize that its upper boundary reaches infinity.

kukua anthonyin


Recently, I have been doing a lot of introspection and I have been actively learning more about personality traits. This has been very revealing to me, as I am beginning to understand better how to adapt to different personalities and situations. It is truly difficult to relate with others when you are unaware of how certain traits you exhibit are interpreted. While I have no intent of changing who my innate being is, for me, understanding my true intent has always been important to me. Hence, I do realize the need to talk about what it is like to be among the RELATIVELY few INTJs.

After sharing my blog ‘The Venusian INTJ’, an acquaintance, who is quickly becoming a dear friend of mine, suggested that I write an anecdote about the day in the life of an INTJ. Being an INTJ, I figured, why not embellish my story with a poem, because after all, we love to engage our frontal cortex. The 4 sections of the poem talk about my dilemma in public spaces, how I react to situations, my values and ideologies. I am still learning to share more subjective posts and I realize that this might not seem straight forward- but for me, this is more of an art and I am happy to answer any questions related to this piece- just leave a comment and let’s dialogue.

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