Love personified

I fell in love. O well, when shall I rise? in fact, shall I rise at all?

Now I stay in love. Is love a place then? 

Is it already morphed or is it continually metamorphosing?

If love depended on gravity, would a fall mean stagnation or a state where one continually chooses to be low for the benefit of a SHARED Love?

We’ve often treated love as an verb. The concept of the five love languages requires us to show an action of a sort. While these actions are honestly beautiful and should be practiced as much as possible to show affection, I believe the concept of ‘Love’ and kindness is often misconstrued. By default, we often show kindness to people we prefer to be with or around, people who encourage us and people who seem to be there when no one else is. These people seemingly EARN our kindness. They are deserving of it BECAUSE…

Because they are family or because they simply rank higher on our priority list. Is this to say that our kindness and affection towards everyone should be the same? That is quite humanly impossible. But the question is; shall we intentionally deprive an individual of kindness when they have not achieved ‘OUR MERIT’, or ‘OUR SET STANDARD’? What if we weren’t doing (a verb/action word) love? What if we were doing it FOR Love (Personified)?

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