Love Whispered(A poem)

Love whispered; I made it to you.

I finally made it home, to your heart; the gateway to your life’s course.

I found the key that you had tossed at the bottom of the ocean and I navigated my way right back to you.

I made my way to you, yet you shut me IN. I found a home in you but what is a home without freedom? Am I prisoner in my own home?

As my muscles atrophy, so does my strength and will. Why won’t you let me out when I chose you? Why won’t you expand your boundaries to me when you freely make way for your adversaries? 

Is the death of me not the death of you? Shall I conquer your adversaries WITHOUT when I starve to death WITHIN

And as if starvation were not enough, now you feed me with the carcass of what is left behind on the outside.

I chose you! I want US to win but what have I gotten myself into? Each day I ask myself, yet each day, I CHOOSE to stay.

I grieve when the tears roll down your eye, waiting for your permission to express myself! I made it to you! And I am here to stay; Love whispered.

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