Appeal for Truth-Seekers

It’s not you or me. It’s us

It’s not your angle or my angle. It’s our angle

I’ve had the pleasure of working in multiple ‘teams’ and I’ve often been intentional about knowing people for myself; for me, this completely changes my perspective!

I have grown to learn that every person is ‘Loveable’ and before you accuse me of being naive, we could dissect the meaning of love but I already address this in another blog post. At the mention of unconditional love, I know, you’re thinking about that person who you can’t understand. That person who always gets on your nerves. That person who’s actions is ‘beyond redemption’ by YOUR standard.

Have you had a friend or close relative do something you didn’t agree with? Did you hate them afterwards? Or maybe you kept your distance- fair. But, how likely are you though, to wish that they fail in life? I’m not talking about the argument that led you into saying ‘I hate you’. I’m talking about you wishing in your heart that they ‘did not exist or do not succeed’? I’d like to think that if you were real with yourself, you’d realize that you only wish circumstances were different because you allowed the person into your life/heart because of the POTENTIAL you saw in the person.

Ok where am I going with this? I think that as a society, we are getting lazier about trying to acquit people of any accusation. I think that as the world keeps being painted as black, it’s hard to believe that there is any light. Don’t get me wrong- I am not suggesting that life is a jolly ride for anyone. But there’s what you see, experience and what you’re told. When you gather all sources of information and experience, who makes the final decision after your synthesis?! The question really is, what are you searching for? How hard are you searching for it? And would you believe truth if you saw it?

What if it wasn’t A or B? What if Z explained why A and B happened? While truth is constant, what if there’s some truth dispersed through A and B? How patient are you to dissect that truth? Nothing breeds confusion more than distortion of facts but there could be truth in the distortion. Will you look beyond the bearer and seek the source?

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