You may be viewing rejection the wrong way!

I’ve found that there are two main reasons why people get rejected! You are either being devalued by the wrong people or undervalued by the right people! If it’s the former, rejoice and sing your hallelujahs! You’ve probably dodged a bullet! However, if it is the latter, then there might be room for personal growth! Till you fully embrace and understand your value, it is unlikely it will be seen by others!

Here, ‘wrong people’ is not synonymous with evil tyrants. Sometimes a partnership/collaboration/association is simply incompatible for multiple reasons and it could be no one’s fault. However, my question is, do you consider this as a plausible reason? ‘Could this rejection mean I am in the wrong space’? Because if you realized that, it just might save you headaches! And when people FINALLY say no, you’ll know to advise yourself to step UP.

What does it mean to understand your value? Knowing what you are capable and what you’re not capable of! Being self-aware! Knowing when to step in and when to step back! Knowing when to ask for help and knowing when to painfully endure a process in order to learn! Knowing who and whose you are! Knowing your value allows you to be generous! Because you know when and how to fill a gap and meet a need!

In sum, who you are and what you offer should not be a mystery to people who are invested in you! It should be evident in what you do, even more than what you say! And if you still receive a ‘NO’ for whatever reason, it is either a ticket to freedom or should be a reason to strengthen your weaknesses! The question however is, WHICH IS IT?

4 thoughts on “You may be viewing rejection the wrong way!

  1. I started doing this and really, it’s liberating. A ticket to freedom or an opportunity to strengthen your weaknesses. It’s a win-win situation if you want to answer the question of “WHICH IS IT?”

    Well written! Kudos!

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