Sleep Eludes

It is 02:06 hrs and it’s rather … LOUD.

To my left, the electric heater screams loudly and the stillness around me nags my brain.

To silence the disparate faculty in my cranium would be an achievement I’m yet to attain this year!

However, tonight, there seems a need to finally convene a meeting. So here it goes;


I see what you’ve been up to and I see how you’ve been competing with the first quarter of 2022 to meet your set goals! It’s nice to know that you’ve got grace and favor! I thought I might remind you of that.

It is nice to know that your story takes another turn in the next couple of months! It’s nice to know that there are people looking out for your good! It’s nice to know that you have a support bank you can call on!

And so while your thoughts run wild now…

While things may seem hazy…

Rest assured, the God who has brought you this far, will see you through!!!


Yourself ❤️

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