The age of apathy; the middle ground between love and hate.

I imagine being given two oranges!; one with so much juice and seeds, and the other, however, simply being like the first without seeds! I like to picture love as an act that proceeds to bear more good fruit! And while it’s been thought that hate is the opposite of love, for me it seems, the opposite of love is simply the lack thereof. In fact, it’s almost like taking a surgical blade and intentionally resecting anything that gives it a means to propagate! It therefore stands to reason that the opposite of love is a much harder position to choose. Also, what happens when the seeds are extinguished and the germination process is halted? What happens to that void? Is a space not meant to filled? And can a space decide what it is meant to be filled with?

It would also seem like this position of apathy is not sustainable! It really is hard to be neither hot nor cold! Not in a world with a constant cacophony of voices! So if there are seeds that bear good fruit, then it is expected that there will be seeds that do not!

I’ve often said that if you are not growing, you are regressing! The world waits for one. If we are not spreading our seeds, chances are, our dormancy is being replaced with a paralytic. And when we are left with a void, it might be hard to remember how beautiful a world filled with love could look like!!! Don’t stop lighting up the small corner you’ve been strategically placed in at any time (t)! Even if you do not see or hear about the fruits you bear, it is hard for any soul to miss an act of love! Trust me. So be encouraged that the love that goes unnoticed is yielding fruit!

Cheers to choosing Love!!!

PS: If you asking, what is love? Check out my previous blog on love (A love allegory), where I interacted with friends on social media to get their views on an allegory I posted about love!

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