The difference between wishers and doers; the art of discipline

“Build castles in the air but support them with pillars”

Shared authorship James Annan and Samuel Y. Annan

I remember hearing these words from the lips of my dad and for a very long time, it’s been a principle of mine! I called daddy this morning to verify the source of the quote and I was pleasantly surprised about the story behind it, as it came out from an interaction between him and my dearest brother (I love the Annan family)! Growing up, aside my favorite book (the book of Proverbs in the Bible), the ‘pearls of wisdom’ was a book I typically liked to ‘read’. I put the word read in quotes because the structure in which it was written was quite different (and I love different of course!). But even more important, it had simple truth nuggets that didn’t exactly tell you what to do! They were brief sentences that made you think about different approaches to seeing and navigating through life. That was how my love for quotations grew! The thought of building castles in the air clearly seems impossible till you reflect on the clause ‘but support them with pillars’. The endless possibilities begin to flood your senses! That is where stimulation begins and that is when you know the barrier between you and your goal is a single step! Quite frankly, it is even easier for me to picture it more, as I have taken a keener interest in climbing. One of my introspective sessions made me realize how powerful my brain can act as a barrier in taking a single step that is within my reach! So what sustains the stimulation? What makes you want to reach the top of the mountain? Because clearly, if it is not sustainable, momentum is as dependent on the amount of effort (mass), as the velocity with which you move!

Being practical with one’s goal is certainly paramount to goal-setting and that goes back to discovering your identity! How fast do you move? Is that an attribute that can be adjusted? Work on it! How much effort can you put into it? Does time allow you to? No? Is it because you are not managing your time well or you simply cannot alter your schedule? Or is it the season you are in? will your goal be more achievable in another season? This list is inexhaustible. However, have you ever sat in a meeting and listened to someone talk about how they want to do A, B and C and immediately, you feel ….errrhhhhh…that just might not happen? Not because they do not have the potential, but because the variables discipline and consistency is almost lacking… Developing discipline and consistency should start from the simplest mundane tasks. Give yourself a simple project (ONE THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE)! One tip for projects that you do not love; find a reason to love it – what do you get out of it in the long run? How are you rewarding yourself after completion? I do this all the time and I promise, whenever I get to reward myself, I know I deserve it. Let’s get back to the project though! Depending on the project you give yourself, spread out the amount of time you want to dedicate to it … daily, weekly, monthly, etc! Commit to it! See it through to the end! Then find another task! Keep at it… Develop the skill of holding yourself accountable but take it step by step!

We are all at different stages of growth! A baby does not start jumping as soon as it is evacuated from the uterine cavity (although I’ve always pictured myself doing the contrary). Make your progress measurable and celebrate it!

“At each step of your growth, you are worth celebrating because you did not give up on your previous step! “

Kukua Anthonyin Annan

It’s ok to learn to paint, sing, dance, write etc! But it is even more important to learn discipline!

6 thoughts on “The difference between wishers and doers; the art of discipline

  1. Well said!…..Support them with pillars, materials for the pillars – tenacity, one day at a time, realistic goal settings &measurements, celebrate your wins. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—


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