The 3 types of social media consumers.


About a year ago, I decided to cut down on my screen time. It wasn’t necessarily because I wasn’t being productive in areas I needed to be- or so I thought. However, multiplying an average of 6 hours by 7 days by 4 weeks by 12 months clearly spoke volumes. I was wasting my life on things and people who were not IN my life; social media in summary. After deleting my Instagram app, I noticed that while working during the day, my fingers would keep searching… For what? To hit that button and passively waste away minutes and clearly, hours. So for the first time in my life, it seemed I was addicted to something; social media. The plan was to take back control.

I like to consider myself very intentional to the minute detail. Hence, to have an outside force regulating my life without permission was not going to happen. I was a passive user. Aside that, I’d also post content. I’ve always had a predilection for videos, which usually require more time to edit. Overall, I considered myself a moderate user; passively scrolling, actively posting.

I’ve also known another category of humans who have often intrigued me. The solely passive users who watch, watch and watch. Of the three user types, they seem to consume the most (in my opinion) and this might seem counterintuitive- It may seem that people who often post are the heavy users. However, I know for certain that the mere act of posting content takes seconds, while the act of passively scrolling is the real thief of time. Is it the fun dance video reels? The comedy? The talented musicians? Once the algorithm matches your preferences, we are looking at a possibility of 30 minutes or more.

Currently, I find myself in the third category; a light user, and overall, a happier, and more productive person. A friend once told me that it was unfair, since I was encouraging people to go online while I wasn’t. I told him that I have no control over why or when people choose to go online but when they do, I want the right people (people who actually need and want) to find my content. Now do I scroll when I’m there? Sometimes. But being aware of time, limiting the number of influencers on my feed and thank God for the mute button!, … now it’s easy to actively check on profiles that edify me.

In a nutshell, this is to share my experience and send that reminder or awareness about the amount of time that passes you by each day without realizing. Time you could potentially spend with real humans who actually care for and about you! Time your could invest in your growth! Time you could potentially spend to manage your overall time (not kidding- I do that a lot).

PS: An entertainer is loved for his entertainment! A giver is loved for his gifts. A person who is present, IS the PRESENT. And like every investment, it takes time to see the real VALUE. But trust that it will be SEEN.

Invest your time wisely.



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