Two steps back, one step forward; a propelling paradox?

I would rather bathe in the sun

Where my cheeks need no cheer to inflate

I would rather not feel the pain of a thorn

For is pain not just a reminder of an internal mishap?

But life is full of contrasts.

How does one perceive a shadow if it is not outlined by a lighter shade?

How does one appreciate good when there is no evil?

Should evil then exist just to show good?

But life is full of contrasts

Sometimes taking a step backward might seem like a failure

Sometimes a 24-hour retreat might seem like life passed you by

But sometimes, it is in these moments that you discover the propellent

Shall you then choose to hold on to what led to the recoil?

Or shall you choose the outcome of the recoil?

I’ll gladly take two steps back to propel my next step forward!

INSPIRATION: There are two ways to perceive painful experiences; a feeling of regret, or thankfulness for lessons learned. In this paradox, I reflect on my own process of introspection. This was what seemed like hours and days of self-reflection; an analysis of the root cause of what I’d call ‘self-inflicted suffering from an internal dilemma’. For me, what seemed like a long painful process of going into hiding may have been what propelled  my emotional intelligence to a level higher than I had, prior to my recoil. This conundrum was what inspired this poem.

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