Inspired by a recent dialogue with a friend

Clearly, if I walked on by and I could recognize it, I might call it home.

If my lips could part to allow the air through my larynx an escape, without my brain processing its phonetics, it certainly would feel like home.

If the thought of it brought me instantaneous joy, so much so that when it hit a threshold, my body would find its way there, it would BE home.

Home; is wherever I am

To think that I had to travel miles only to find that every journey results in the same destination; wherever I am.

To think that the absence of a physical structure would be an exclusion of what makes me feel a sense of safety is preposterous.

Home; is wherever I am

I might not carry with me 10,000 pieces of silver, nor the world’s greatest title but what the external eyes do not see is hardly of much concern to me because home is within me.

I may not be surrounded by accolades or a wall of defense but the light that brightens my day is not an external source! No longer buried within, this source is what you ought to see when we cross paths because HOME- is what I carry……and with me, IS WHEREVER I AM.

10 thoughts on “HOME; WHEREVER I AM (A POEM)

  1. Deep:

    My home is where my Father is. If I can experience His presence, there is my home. Thankfully, His presence can happen everywhere. Home might as well be wherever I am.

    During the transfiguration (Matt. 17), Peter experienced the presence of God. It is not surprising to me at all that right after this experience in a strange place, He exclaimed: “Lord, it is good for us to be here…” Home is indeed where God is.

    You just inspired my blazer for tomorrow. God bless you.

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    1. Haha! So good Doug!!! Taking us deeper and yes!!!! That’s actually what I was hoping to draw the reader to! We carry His presence and that is anywhere on earth! Thank you so much for buttressing this with scripture!!!


      1. You got me thinking now. All everyone looked forward to when at the Army Basic training was finally being at home. The thought of being away and even under not so comfortable circumstances made life suck for some. But I’m just thinking, what if we made it a home for that 9 weeks and enjoyed every bit of it? Maybe it wouldn’t suck that much. We would embrace our differences, adapt to the challenges and strive through the uncertain times. Home is what and where you make it

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  2. A person could have a beautiful house and still be homeless in a sense because a house is not a home without Jesus.
    Makes me sad to think about the “Spiritually Homeless ” those searching for the peace, joy and freedom that we have become accustomed to, but they don’t know where to find it. We must be a lighthouse in the storm that leads the lost to safety and a place Spiritually that they can call home.

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