I’d still choose you, Love (A poem)

I’d still choose you, Love

For the freedom you give

For the memories you give that hold my breath still, 

And for the air you propel through my trachea that is as audible as the tune from my subconscious.

Because with your fresh aroma, I need no exertion

With you, I just need to be

I’d still choose you , Love

Because to choose an alternative is to condemn myself to eternal grief!

It started with you, when I still had all my innocence

When the world was filled with only brightness and every being seemed to reflect your light.

It started with you when every word and gesture was interpreted as ‘I adore you’, and when  it seemed as if everyone’s motif was as pure as yours

But no matter how much the battle seemly tilts against you, I’ll still choose you

Because you are worth fighting for and it is your arms I hope to embrace when this act of life fades. 

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